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Friday, 3 February 2012

"Thou Shalt Not Accept A Gambit!"

Recently, I have reported the match between Grantham-2 and West Bridgford-2 when Grantham, by the result, was completely pulverized.
And it was Ben Mason, playing Black, who had a very difficult time. The game is just an example highlighting the importance of being well versed in the opening theory. Playing against experienced player, Richard Truman, Ben answered the 1.d4 by 1...d5 and after 2.c4 he accepted the gambit by 2...cxd4.
The Queen's Gambit Accepted is considered by some as an easiest way how to equalize and how to play for a draw. Well, in theory perhaps, yes. Alas, there is a proverbial "however". The trick is to know the theory. If you forget the theory, then you will have as hard time as Ben had.
The game is an interesting "miniature" and Richard performed very well even if at certain point he could have been even more aggressive and crushed Ben even faster.

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