"Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you." - Arnold Palmer

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Here is you have four games from yesterday's first team match against Gambit 2.

Claudio this time nearly lost, there were several twists and turns in the end of his game and funnily enough John Swain who had 10 minutes against several minutes on Claudio's clock offered draw. The offer came in the position which was draw for sure by computer engines, but he missed his chance couple of moves before.
Nigel's opening strategy was really interesting and I am not sure if he did not take the Mickey out of Drag. In the end of the match Drag displayed tremendous feel for fair play and sportsmanship and he resigned having plenty of time on the clock while Nigel's flag ominously hung in the air.
Steve's game is in the style Nimzo-Larsen attack and there were some moments where he could played even stronger moves. Final position is really delicacy .
My game against Keith Roper. Boring, tedious, dull, boring.... Rather drawish ending Keith seasoned by blundering an exchange. I am proud of myself how I turned the advantage into the final victory, but nothing more.
I do not have Andy's game who played much to our surprise board 5. He did not play opening very well and in one moment I believed he was lost having troubles with deadly pin on a7-g1 diagonal where Black dark-squared Bishop was bearing down to the King-side through the White Knight+Queen+King. Andy himself was of opinion that he could have lost a piece several times. However, he is real warrior. Not only got he himself out the hook but he won a pawn and then he went into wining rook and pawns ending which he played splendidly.

Despite that second team suffered a terrible debacle in West Bridgford, the final result doesn't reflect the actual situation. Here you can see lovely victory of Ben's over Ross Murphy. 


Week ago, when Grantham 2 was nearly pulverised by West Bridgford 2, Chris Holt played rather lovely game and it is shame that he did not win. Here is the game with his comments:



Here is the Nigel's and mine game from yesterday's match.

Our first team did not play yesterday according to our wishes, however, I am sure, that all players wanted to win, but Claudio again did not let us down. Here is his game:

And here you can find two games without any commentaries: Tim Poole vs. Steve Prior (1st team match) and Ben's game against Ted Nottingham, played in the Lincs league yesterday.

Hope you are happy with this set-up and I am convinced that it will give some opportunity to see all games played in all competitions without any concerns that our opponents can take an advantage of this publishing.
Hope you will feel free to send me your games. If you have problems to put the games into pgn format I can offer you my copy of Chess Base 9 which is not the latest one but it is enough for the purpose.


PS. Nigel and Andy, could you please show us your games?