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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A flashback to Lincolnshire vs Shropshire: Game Coopers vers Cumbers

In one of my previous posts I have informed about the county match between Lincolnshire and Shropshire. This time I would like to present the game played on the board 3 between Gavyn Cooper (182) and Paul Cumbers (197).
Gavyn started with 1.b4 - The Sokolsky Opening which is nowadays popular among some players who try to get their opponents out of beaten track of long theoretical lines.
Black, of course, has many ways how to meet this move. 
Paul chose the classical approach characterized by 1...e5. This move is exactly what White wanted. He wants to exchange a flank pawn for a central one and get some central pawn majority which gives him, in theory, some advantage in the middle game. On the top of that he wants to develop the dark-squared Bishop on the long diagonal a1-h8 and create the pressure against Black king-side.
Now let's have look on the Paul's treatment of this opening with his annotations.

Well, it was a nice attacking "miniature". Well played Paul.

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