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Friday, 10 February 2012

Anton Korobov beat Fabiano Caruana

GM Anton Krobov
GM Fabiano Caruana
The Ukrainian grandmaster Anton Korobov (2660) beat Italian GM Fabiano Caruana (2736) in the round 4 of the Aeroflot Open and takes the lead!
Krobov, playing White, open the game with 1.d4 and after 1...Nf6 2.c4. Here Fabiano Caruana decided to go for sharp Benko/Volga gambit. Korobov, without any hesitation grabbed the pawn and then he fianchettoed his light-squared Bishop.
Both players followed the theory till the move 18 when Krobov employed a novelty playing 18.h3. Nevertheless, the result was a balanced position.
In move 27 Korobov offered exchange sacrifice leading to some complications, however, Caruana was not interested in this stage of game. A move later, he changed his opinion. I suspect that all these calculations cost him lots of time and he got into serious time trouble in which he made series of weaker moves and finally he made a serious positional mistake. Rest the game was just a matter of technique...

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