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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Aeroflot Open 2012: Bartel, Korobov, Eljanov - Leading Trinity

Two leaders - Pavel Eljanov and Mateusz Bartel - clashed together in round 8 of Aeroflot Open 2012. Bartel did not conceal his aggressive intention when he responded 1.Nf3 by 1...f5. By transposition the game went into positions of Leningrad Dutch. Eljanov created strong grip upon e5 square by pawn structure d4-e3-f4. Than several exchanges followed on the queenside and in the centre and both players agreed a draw in 30 moves.

Anton Korobov, who was single leader after round 6 played against Viorel Iordachescu from Moldova. Korobov Employed Sicialian Defence and Iordachescu tried to avoid Open Sicilian using the Moscow variation 3.Bb5+. This led to the position which resembled to a Ruy Lopez. Korobov did not pay too much attention to Iordachescu's kingside activities and created pressure in the queenside and in the centre and finally he created a passed pawn which bound some White forces. After that he transferred his activity on the kingside where he launched an attack. Creating the weakness on he he finally conquer the White e4 pawn and forced his opponent to resign in 33 moves.

Fabiano Caruana, playing White against Bartosz Socko from Poland, did not have an easy task. In rather wild Sicilian defence with castling on opposite sites it was an typical Sicilian battle. Caruana created pressure on the kingside and finally, after nice battle he forced his opponent to resign.

Standings after round 8 are as follows:

Mateusz Bartel6/8(+4 -0 =4)
Anton Korobov6/8(+5 -1 =2)
Pavel Eljanov6/8(+4 -0 =4)
Hrant Melkumyan5.5/8(+5 -2 =1)
Fabiano Caruana5.5/8(+5 -2 =1)
Dmitry Andreikin5.5/8(+3 -0 =5)
Alexander Khalifman5.5/8(+3 -0 =5)
Ivan Sokolov5/8(+2 -0 =6)
Evgeny Tomashevsky5/8(+2 -0 =6)
Maxim Rodshtein5/8(+3 -1 =4)
Vladimir Fedoseev5/8(+3 -1 =4)
Markus Ragger5/8(+3 -1 =4)
Viorel Iordachescu5/8(+3 -1 =4)
Bu Xiangzhi5/8(+2 -0 =6)
Evgeny Alekseev5/8(+2 -0 =6)
Vadim Zvjaginsev5/8(+2 -0 =6)
Ivan Popov5/8(+4 -2 =2)
Baadur Jobava5/8(+3 -1 =4)
Eltaj Safarli5/8(+2 -0 =6)
Denis Khismatullin4.5/8(+3 -2 =3)
Eduardo Patricio Iturrizaga Bonelli4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)
Andrey Zhigalko4.5/8(+3 -2 =3)
Krishnan Sasikiran4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)
Bartosz Socko4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)
Sergei Zhigalko4.5/8(+3 -2 =3)
Abhijeet Gupta4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)
Sanan Sjugirov4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)
Aleksandr Rakhmanov4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)
Yaroslav Zherebukh4.5/8(+2 -1 =5)

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