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Friday, 10 February 2012

Aeroflot Open - An Interesting Battle in Advance Caro-Kann

The Caro-Kann Defence used to be considered by many as not only very solid, but also one of the most boring openings. Well, many things have changed over the time and since the days when Botvinnik had played Caro-Kann against Tal or Petrosian against Spassky White players have found new ways how to do "Caro" a bit “hot & spicy”.
Anthony Miles, Alexei Shirov and of course, Nigel Short are the names behind the Advance Caro-Kann who brought and championed new ideas in this opening. However, players of both sides keep looking for new ideas and improvements.
Today I want to present one the recent games from ongoing tournament in Moscow - Aeroflot Open 2012 - where Chinese grandmaster Yangyi Yu (White) faced to Russian grandmaster Evgeny Alekseev (Black).  Alekseev employed Caro-Kann Defence and Yu went into the Advance variation... What has happened you can see now.

In the round 3, Caruana played the Advance Caro-Kann against Iturrizaga, who employed more classical approach playing 3...Bf5. Caruana answered with the Short's line, probably the most dangerous line in this set-up.

Hope, you enjoyed those two games.
Pairings and results you can find out on following link.

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