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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Gelfand Grabs the Lead!

In the game 7 of World Championship Match between current champion Vishy Anand and challenger Boris Gelfand the line of six draws was finally broken! Gelfand beat Anand first time since 1993! Current score of match is 4:3 in favour of Gelfand.
Gelfand playing with White pieces played again 1.d4 and after common moves the game reached classical position of Chebanenko Slav, the main line when White plays c5 gaining space advantage on the queen-side and trying to explore the weakness on the b6-square and Black's typical problem with the development of light-squared Bishop. On the other hand, Black's strategy is connected with e6-e5 and b7-b6 breaks.
In 7th move Gelfand employed quite rare line playing Qc2.
Critical moment in the game came up in the move 21 when Anand played Ne4. He probably should have played Rxc2 which would have kept the position equal. Two moves later he decided to play 23...g5, which was rather "desperate-like-looking" move as some commentators mentioned and after another weaker move, 25...f6, his position was perhaps strategically lost. Gelfand's pair of Knights together with Rook on 7th rank played a havoc in Black's camp.
As last ditch, Anand bet on some crazy tactics when he sacrificed the Bishop with the intention to push forward and queen his e-pawn; however, his King became just a victim of mating web weaved by two Knights and Rook together. As Gelfand mentioned at the press conference such a power must deliver mate.
Interesting game from several reasons and hopefully the others will follow. 

The special guest on the commentator post today was twelfth World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov and English Channel commentary was made by Gata Kamsky.

And here is the game from Biel Interzonal Tournament in 1993 when Boris Gelfand beat Vishy Anand last time....

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