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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chess News.ru: Evgeny Sveshnikov: "I'm Surprised by Anand's Insipid Play"

Evgeny Sveshnikov
 ...And with regards to the game, I was surprised by Anand’s insipid play. He’s the main… There was an article by Gagarin in 1998 about how the World Champion Kasparov plays the Chelyabinsk Variation very well with white. And he showed his wins. I wrote a counter-article saying that Gagarin didn’t figure it out properly. The Champion played very badly and only won because of good play later on in his games. He played openings badly. The only person who poses danger to the variation is Viswanathan Anand. At the time, Viswanathan made two draws, but he was on the right path. And he didn’t play Nd5 on the move nine, but Bf6. He had very good games in that line. I was surprised by 9.Nd5. After 9.Nd5, and even more so after g3 and Bg2, there’s nothing. 
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