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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Anand-Gelfand: Another Semi-Slav, another draw ...

In the game 4 of their duel, Gelfand and Anand again tested the Semi-Slav Defence, the line which has been already played in the game 2.

Gelfand came up with certain improvement and he has had certain edge all the time. According to commentators, GM Smirin, GM Bologan and others, he achieved certain edge and no matter how difficult it would be to proved that the players like Fischer would not agree a draw at this point. However, Fischer used to play "till the Kings had left only" on the board. Gelfand, knowing well that chess is an art, a sport and a gambling, did not want to take any risk and finally agreed the draw.

Click here to download Game 1-4 with annotations of IM Malcolm Pen.

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