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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Anand Avoiding Open Sicilian Plays Rossolimo!

Another game, another quick draw.... But very interesting game it must be confessed. 
In game 10, Anand tried again 1.e4 and if anybody was hoping for Sveshnikov again he was wrong. Anand avoided Open Sicilian and went for Rossolimo line (3.Bb5), one of very solid "anti-Sicilians".
Gelfand first avoided all main lines connected with fianchettoing of dark-squared Bishop playing 3...e6 and after Anand's surprise 5.b3 (rather rare continuation),  he countered by 5...e5 which is also very rare line in tournament practise and finally he came up with novelty 8...d5.
Despite that both players played rather quickly, it was obviously Gelfand who demonstrated his home preparation. 
In interesting battle players exchanged the pieces and in simplified position it was Gelfand who offered draw first, but Vishy refused and continued playing. 
However, several moves later he realised the futility of this battle and he offered draw himself which Gelfand accepted.

Score of the match is now 5:5, tomorrow is another rest day, so match will continue on Saturday.

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