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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tata Steel, Round 10: Radjabov blundered and offered a draw!

In my previous post I wrote: "...and Radjabov and Van Wely agreed the draw in 40 moves in the game where both players were running out of time. I am just not quite sure whether Radjabov did not blundered his last move and offered a draw to Van Wely who had just seconds left!"
Well, so now it is officially confirmed that this really had happened! A part of an official report from the Tata Steel website says following:

"Radjabov splitting the point with Holland’s Loek van Wely was a comedy of errors caused by the fact that both players were in time trouble. Their game, from a Dutch Defense with the Azeri playing white, was entirely balanced until Radjabov reached the time control with (see diagram) 40.Qf3?? and proposed a draw. With only seconds left on his clock, Van Wely went for the half point – a serious blunder, as 40…Ra2! would at least have earned him a piece.
“It seemed a very reasonable peace offer to me,” said Van Wely, for whom it was his tenth consecutive draw. “Of course, if I’d had a little more time to consider his proposal …”

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