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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pandora's Box Grantham Presents: Nigel Birtwistle

Nigel Birtwistle
I do not have to introduce Nigel Birtwistle to the Grantham Chess Club fans or players. But I take the liberty to publish the text which was written last year by Peter Sherlock of the Lincoln Chess Club on Nigel:

"Nigel Birtwistle was another of the several Lincolnshire players to feature in this year’s British Championships at the Ponds Forge in Sheffield. Playing in the main Championship event he was able to rub shoulders with the
likes of joint winners GM Mickey Adams and GM Nigel Short.
Nigel, who lives in Boston, plays for Grantham who won the top division of the Notts League and is also captain of the Lincolnshire team in the Minor Counties and has led them to the national semi-finals in the last two seasons.
At Ponds Forge Nigel finished in equal 70th place with 4 points in the 11 round competition, perhaps a little
disappointed but still creditable given the quality of the field.
Nigel’s best game came in round 7 where he was paired as black against George O’Toole from Temple Sutton in Essex ...."

And I will show you whole above mentioned game now. 
Nigel likes to take advantage of all time he has got at his disposal which can, of course, in some rare occasions, lead to the time troubles. But even in these pressure situations Nigel remains in full control. Let's have a look at this game.

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