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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pandora’s Box Grantham Chess Team Presents: Peter Batchelor

Peter Batchelor
Who is Peter Batchelor?
Peter Batchelor is a new recruit to the Pandora’s Box Grantham team.  He is just 14 years old Londoner and is already graded 188 ECF
Last year he represented England in the Chess Olympiad under 16.
Peter, recommended to us by International Master Colin Crouch, who is also a member of the Pandora’s Box team, made his debut last weekend gaining two points for our team!
Let me present his game against Lynne Morrison played on board 8 in the match against Barbican Youth.

Final attack was quite nice and brutal wasn't it? Well played!
I am sure in the future we will hear a lot about this youngster!

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