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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pandora's Box Grantham Presents: Kevin McCarthy

Kevin C. McCarthy is the team captain of the Pandora's Box Grantham Chess Team. He lives in Lincoln, plays for Grantham team and Pandora's Box and in the past he used to play in 4NCL for Slough Sharks
He is an amazing organizer and communicator who put together quite strong team as you have already seen on this website. He is also a "man behind" the organization of  an annual Lincolnshire County Chess Championship.
Some of his games you can find out on the website Chess Tempo, Chessgames.com and also on the New In Chess .
What actually I have no idea of is the fact that in the past he was a player dedicated to circular chess. And if you visit the website of circular chess on Wikipedia you will also find the fact that he is the World Circular Chess Champion for year 2007! 
Kevin is a dedicated French Defence player so it would be most inappropriate to present anything else than French Defence. I found a lovely game played by Kevin with Black against Neville Twitchell in 4NCL 2004 and it was French as it should be!

And for the lovers of the English Opening here is another game.

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