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Thursday, 28 March 2013

London Candidates 2013: Carlsen Drew, Aronian Lost & Kramnik Won

Round 11 of the Candidates Tournament 2013 brought an unpleasant surprise for the runner-up of the tournament, Levon Aronian, who lost to Peter Svidler and dropped back to the third place.
Peter Svidler displayed again, like in the match with Boris Gelfand, a great attacking potential.
Magnus Carlsen made a quick draw with Alexander Grischuk who came to the table determined and in fighting spirit and he launched the attack on the king-side right at the outset. However, Carlsen kept cool and parried this attack quite easily.
Another quick draw was agreed between Ivanchuk and Gelfand.
Vladimir Kramnik outplayed Teimour Radjabov and eventually he turned his advantage into the final victory. He gained very important point which shift him up on the second place.

Svidler vs Aronian

Grischuk vs Carlsen

Ivanchuk vs Gelfand

Kramnik vs Radjabov

Current standing in the tournament is as follows:

1. Carlsen
2. Kramnik
3.      Aronian
4. Svidler
5-6. Gelfand, Grischuk  5
7. Ivanchuk     4
8. Radjabov    3½ 

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