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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Candidates Tournament - London 2013 Starts Tomorrow

Why is there such a hubbub surrounding the Candidates Tournament this year? It seems as if the event had already taken over the year before it began – its looming presence being felt through Wijk aan Zee, with everyone keenly eyeing the top boards for an indication of things to come. Naturally, the question everybody is asking themselves is who it will be to challenge Viswanathan Anand for the World Championship. The combined masses of the chess world will converge on London for arguably the chess spectacle of the year (second only to the World Championship Match itself of course, which is scheduled for November).
All of the players have traversed a long and arduous path just to reach this stage – and the combined prize fund of €510,000 (to be shared amongst the participants) reflects this monumental feat. The real prize, though, is a shot at the title – who is your money on?
Of course, if you look purely at ratings, as is the way of the world these days, the youngest participant has the highest rating, and - with a gap of over 100 points between Carlsen and some of the other players - everyone is keen to see some epic clashes. Fighting talk has also not been lacking and Carlsen himself, although remaining his modest self, recently commented on his chances in an interview with the Guardian by saying that “the ratings don’t lie.”
Of course, with an amazing spectacle guaranteed at the venue in Savoy Place, London (organized by FIDE and AGON), ChessBase is pulling out all the stops to cover this premium event. With live coverage from all-star commentators, including Daniel King, Chris Ward, Yasser Seriawan, Alejandro Ramirez and Maurice Ashley, you have no reason not to tune in and enjoy the action alongside multi-board broadcasts!

Playchess.com schedule

The final schedule (with each three day block of action followed by a rest day) looks like this:
Round 1
Daniel King
Round 2
Chris Ward
Round 3
Yasser Seirawan
Rest Day
Round 4
Daniel King
Round 5
Yasser Seirawan
Round 6
Chris Ward
Rest Day
Round 7
Alejandro Ramirez
Round 8
Alejandro Ramirez
Round 9
Maurice Ashley
Rest Day
Round 10
Yasser Seirawan
Round 11
Chris Ward
Round 12
Daniel King
Rest Day
Round 13
Daniel King
Round 14
Maurice Ashley
The best way to take advantage of this plentiful offering is of course by signing up, if you haven’t done so already, for Premium Membership on Playchess.com, which will provide you with unadulterated access to the high-quality commentaries for the duration of the tournament. A subscription doesn’t only mean you can enjoy the commentary for the Candidates Tournament either - the annual membership means that you will be able to enjoy live commentary from top-class GMs for a whole year to come – and what a year it will be. Commentary starts at 1600 GMT+1 on the day of each round.
Get Premium Membership here...
We have also compiled a detailed dossier on every player for you to examine before the action starts – be sure to check them out here.

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