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Sunday, 15 April 2012

How to Beat Caro-Kann According to Chris Ross

Not long time ago I introduce you Chris Ross, one of Pandora's Box Grantham guys and if you missed his profile  you can find it clicking on the link under his name above. 
This time he send me one of his recent games when he, playing White, faced to on of the toughest defences in the game of chess - The Caro-Kann. On the top of that, he faced to one of the most solid lines in this opening, so called Smyslov-Petrosian line.
He avoided all most aggressive and topical lines and chose for more positional approach. 
Now, let me quote from his e-mail:

"...Here is a nice little game, which demonstrates beautifully how you can storm through the centre and create that spearhead that can rip through the heart of your opponent’s position. It is always intriguing how the tactics always figure themselves out when you have such a superior positional advantage. I didn’t have to spend much time on the tactics in this game, as the positional thread has been played before in many similar lines, especially so in the Centre-Counter defence opening. Following the simple positional ploy of targeting the light-squared bishop of Black’s, cramping him up and then centrally thrusting, all came very naturally. It was only towards the end of the game where the tactics had to be calculated, and even then, it did not take much to find the flourish.
Enjoy a very thematic game."

And  I am sure you will enjoy this game which is annotated by Chris himself...

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