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Saturday, 21 April 2012


Nottingham Chess Congress Venue
In the beautiful building of Senior School Refectory of Nottingham High School (Waverley Mount, Nottingham, NG7 4ED)
The Annual Nottingham Chess Congress has already started and three rounds have been played on Saturday 21st April.
This tournament has long tradition and fascinating history and the most famous year was 1936 when 15 world top players had played round robin tournament and please check the tournament cross-table just to remember some of famous players of 20th Century. 

More about Nottingham 1936 tournament can avid reader find in the tournament book written by Alexander Alekhine with the foreword written by well-known chess publicist GM Andy Soltis.

GM Mark Hebden
Tournament is organized in four sections, Open, Major (U165), Intermediate (U135) and Minor (U110).
The iconic face of this tournament is GM Mark Hebden and the organization of the tournament is orchestrated by Mr Robert Richmond and his team (typically Neil Graham, John Swain, Mike Barnes and Chris Budd - I do apologize if I have forgotten to name somebody... and also this team would deserve some photo, which, alas, is not available at this moment).
Tournament will continue tomorrow by rounds 4 and 5.

Mark Hebden wins the Open again with a score of 4½/5. Stephen Hunter and Michael Harper (both Gambit) win the Major and Intermediate sections.

More results on website of Nottinghamshire Chess Association.

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