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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Merry Christmas to All People of Goodwill!

In the Christmas time we should postpone the rattling of weapons and start to think about more spiritual matters.
Let me thank to all readers of this website for their interest, let me wish you Merry Christmas....
And I cannot imagine better music for this particular occassion than Missa solemnis Festis Nativitatis D. J. Ch. accommodata in linguam bohemicam musikamque redacta – que redacta per Jac. Joa. Ryba - sorry for my Latin. 
The English translation is Czech Christmas Mass or according to its opening words, it is also known as Hail, Master! or Hey, Master! (in Czech: Hej, mistře!) and the composer was Jakub Šimon Jan Ryba (26 October 1765 – 8 April 1815). He wrote his famous work in 1796.
I hope you will like this work as much as I do despite that lyrics of this mass is written in Czech language.
Please, do enjoy this opus.

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