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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Lincolnshire vs Leicestershire, part two: Show must go on!

5. Steve Prior vs John Denton

Steve Prior (left) vs John Denton
Steve’s game is another example of lost chance for full point. And again it was a shortage of theoretical knowledge in the arena of endings which was behind this failure.
Steve played fantastic game, but then both players reached the rook and pawns ending and we had witnessed enormous difficulties on both sides. It was like a roller-coaster ride. Finally the game ended up in theoretically “dead” draw position with rook and a-pawn against rook.

6. Andy Morely vs Sam Milson

Sam played opening very well. French defence and surprisingly enough another Advance variation was played. Sam went for different set-up against 6.a3 line. He achieved better position and then ... he simply blundered. The rest of game was just the matter of technique.

7. David Coates vs Ray Burgess

Queen's Gambit declined, Exchange variation main line was played and the game had been ballanced long time. Then both players reached the ending with four Bishops on the board but White had a distant passed pawn.
Under pressure Ray made a mistake.

8. Brian Galligan vs Harry Russell

Harry playing Black had prepared some very difficult moments for his opponent. Playing Grünfeld Indian he got better position, however, as it were emblematic for this match, he did not find the way how to turn his advantage into the final victory. Another good performance and another chance missed.

9. Nigel Birtwistle vs Chino Nwachukwu

Sicilian defence was played and Nigel chose for Alapin variation. His opponent went for sharper set-up with 2...d5. Nigel offered a simplification and in my humble opinion he bamboozled his opponent completely. Black's set-up with castling long looks aggressive, however, it seems to be dubious a bit. According to MegaBase 2013 only 8 games was played in this line with stunning score for White - 75%
Chino decided to call it a day in 24 moves! Have look at such an "innocuous" opening! Well done Nigel.

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