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Monday, 27 August 2012

The Hunt for the Grandmaster

GM Keith Arkell
It is not an easy task to be a grandmaster. In every tournament you have face strong opposition  of people who are like hunters and they want your scalp. It is very difficult position because nearly everybody expects you will be keep winning....
Just to remind you what happened in e2e4 tournament in Brighton early this year to GM Rausis and in details you can find this stuff in  previous posts.
This morning in Hinckley, GM Keith Arkell (2451) played against Richard Weaving (2149) of Solihull with Black pieces and it was Caro-Kann Defence and his opponent, rated some 300 points lower, played sharply right from the outset, when he chose Panov-Botvinnik attack. Very soon they reached the typical position with White's "Isolani" - isolated queen's pawn. The position had been equal till move 20, when GM Arkell chose rather passive move... From that time on White had kept at least small edge if not more.

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