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Sunday, 26 August 2012

e2e4.org.uk Hinckley 2012

The end of Summer is closing fast and new season of chess tournaments and leagues will start soon. 
Sean Hewitt, the man behind the e2e4.or.uk
Taking the advantage of prolong weekend because of bank holidays, e2e4 organized another tournament of this series. This time in Hinckley Island Hotel near to Leicester.
Tournament has started Friday evening and will finish Monday evening, so player will play seven rounds.
Several players from Nottinghamshire as well as Lincolnshire are taking part in this tournament.
In Open section (in no particular order) these players are: FM Michael Barnes of Gambit Chess Club, Richard Truman and Steve Burke of Ashfield, and Sam Milson of Louth.
In Major section they are: Michael Fletcher of Nottingham H.S., Amy Milson of Louth, Tim Kendall of Gambit and Neil Graham of Ashfield.
In Minor section Graham Neil and George Muffet.
The winner will come very likely from top rated players like GM Arkell Keith, IM Jonathan Hawkins, IM Ameet Ghasi, IM Daniel Howard Fernandez.
So have a look at some games which have been already published on the e2e4.org.uk website.
An interesting game had played David Spence (2250) of Burry St. Edmunds with Black pieces against favoured GM Keith (2451). In Queen's Indian Defence GM Keith played safely, damaged his opponent's pawn structure and gained indisputable control over the c-file. However, the analysis shows, that it was not that easy to get full point.

In the first round, Sam Milson who likes to play French Defence with Black pieces himself, faced the problem how to play against French Defence as a White. His opponent, Jonathan Nelson of Sheffield Nomads was rated some 200 point higher and so Sam's task was not easy. In well know and rather theoretical line of Tarrasch Variation Jonathan employed a novelty 17...g5, capitalizing the control of semi-open f-file and weakness of f2-square. Sam defended himself against this sortie a bit passive and finally under the pressure he made a mistake. Jonathan did not take the advantage of that immediately (he could sacrifice the exchange on f3 right at this point) but he played waiting move. Sam not aware of dangerous made another mistake....Black obtained for exchange two pawns and massive attack.

Richard Truman of West Bridgford demonstrated against a stronger opponent (David Hall of Norich Dons) how to fight with rather annoying systems, which are quite popular especially on the club level, like London, Torre and Colle System
He gives a simple solution: Kingside fianchetto, King's Indian set-up and then the blow e5. Simple, straightforward and effective.

Ranking in the Open section after round 5 is as follows:

1IM Hawkins, Jonathan4NCL Cheddleton4.5ENGM25072624+0.58111½1
2GM Arkell, Keith C4NCL Cheddleton4.5ENGM24512621+0.93111½1
3IM Ghasi, Ameet K4NCL e2e44.0ENGM24182421+0.1711110
4Weaving, RichardSolihull4.0ENGM21492406+1.08=½111
5IM Fernandez, Daniel HowardMarple3.5SINM23702227-0.7311010=
6Spence, David JBury st Edmunds3.5ENGM22502272+0.121101½
7Merry, Alan BBury St Edmunds3.5ENGM22102255+0.21=1101
8Shaw, PeterWakefield3.5ENGM21682157+0.040111½
9Clarke, Brandon G ILittlethorpe3.5ENGM21582236+0.4610½11
10Pleasants, Allan JWeymouth3.5WLSM20702124+0.27½1101
11FM Barnes, Michael HGambit3.0ENGM22202082-0.8510½1½
12Nelson, Jonathan PSheffield Nomad3.0ENGM22052252+0.3011010
13Hasman, CengizWood Green3.0TURM21322058-0.48½½1½½
14Burrows, Martin PWigston3.0ENGM21201870-1.160½½11
15Bonafont, Philip RHemel Hempstead3.0ENGM20512163+0.6510½1½
16Whitfield, Craig MCheddleton and3.0ENGM20202124+0.6801101
17Stewart, AshleyCambridge City3.0ENGM20132183+1.150½11½
18Kreuzer, Christopher R LLondon Deaf3.0ENGM19472173+1.5010101
19Hall, David ENorich Dons2.5ENGM21032061-0.230½101
20Bennett, Dominic LClifton2.5ENGM20372002-0.300½011
21Harnett, Robert JDrunken Knights2.5ENGM20132072+0.23==½10
22Milson, Samuel ALouth2.5ENGM20021940-0.370+0½1
23Craft, IsaacFrance2.5ENGM19932150+1.04110½0
24Abbott, Mark VExmouth2.5ENGM19681992+0.10=010½=
25Ganger, RajanHeathcote Arms2.5ENGM19652179+0.7510½==
26Truman, Richard GWest Bridgford2.5ENGM19592036+0.521001½
27Malik, FarazSouth Birmingha2.5ENGM1846 *2108+0.50=1010
28Wang, MariaColey2.5ENGF17752079+1.76½0110
29Stembridge, Ed2.0ENGM20591995-0.44=½100
30Horspool, Philip JWigston2.0ENGM20511776-1.07=½½0=
31Clark, Ian CWimborne2.0ENGM20501935-0.58½001½
32Burke, Steven JAshfield2.0ENGM20411868-0.9210=0½
33Slinger, Tony JLady Anne Middl2.0ENGM20251910-0.7001100
34Stepanyan, HenrikSutton Coldfiel2.0ENGM20221933-0.660½01½
35Gibson, Christopher AChess Mates Nor2.0ENGM19901846-0.79=½0½½
36Hughes, RoyBroadland2.0ENGM19822058+0.46½½½0½
37Robinson, John KBraunstone2.0ENGM19821919-0.33=½001
38Messam-Sparks, LateefahWest Notts2.0ENGF19471939-0.07=½0½½
39Pritchard, David JWalsall Kipping1.5ENGM20181828-1.210½001
40Grattage, Matthew1.5ENGM19861887-0.650½100
41Paul, Nathanael1.5ENGM1950 *183518351000½
42Conterno, DominiqueNorthampton Che1.5ENGM19041901-0.02½½0½0
43Wang, Xingliang AnnaColey1.5ENGF18331286-0.770001½
44Tarhon, BrianSussex Junior1.5ENGM17871821+0.14=½½00
45Keen, Cosima CSussex1.0ENGF16941821+0.450½½00
46See Arbiter1.0M0 *00---+--
47Collins, AndrewLeamington0.5ENGM17161294-0.5500=00
48Agnew, AlanWarley Quinborn0.0ENGM21021212-0.710-----
49Welch, David0.0ENGM0 *10980---0--

(Adopted from e2e4.org.uk)

You can follow the Top Ten Games live here.
The tournament is going to finish later this afternoon.

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