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Friday, 6 July 2012

Spassky-Fischer: "First Blood"

Robert James Fischer at the age of 17
Fischer fought Spassky first time in 1960. The venue was Mar del Plata in Argentina. Both players were young. Spassky was 23 and Fischer 6 years younger. Both players were full of energy and passion for the game.
Spassky, known for his tendency to grab initiative at all cost, had played the game in very romantic spirit. He played King's Gambit, one of the very aggressive gambits which we can see in tournament practise even nowadays. However, in the "pre-computer era" this opening had a different "oomph". 
Fischer took first pawn, then second, and he kept the pace up with Spassky till move 26. The position was balanced. Then he made a mistake and the rest is history....

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