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Friday, 6 July 2012

40-year-anniversary of "The Match of Century: Spassky-Fischer" Is Coming Soon

This year we are going to celebrate 40 years since the famous match between Boris Spassky and Robert "Bobby" James Fischer. The first game of this match was played on Tuesday 11th July 1972 and after the game was adjourned the game was finished on Wednesday 12th July 1972.

Bobby Fischer Against the World [DVD]

For many of us it was historical moment when hegemony of Soviet Chess School was shaken. Fischer, an amazing genius, was to play against all Soviet School which was ready help to Boris Spassky.
Money and political pressures were driving forces of this match which was massively abused by propaganda...
Just to remind this famous match and all events around, please, watch this video.
Even more details not only about this match you can see on the video "Bobby Fischer Against The World".

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