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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Worksop-1 - Sheffield Nomads-2 5 : 1 !

Shortly after my debut in the line-up of Worksop, I got another chance to play for this team. This time for first team in a cup mach. Despite that I spent all day in the operating theaters I really enjoy the game. Results of that match you can see on the result form below:

5 - 1

Jim Burnett
1 - 0
Andrew Hards
Ivan David
1 - 0
Mike Newett
Chris Chambers
1 - 0
Ian Barwick
Phil Griffiths
1 - 0
Kevin Marshall
Nicholas Mahoney
Joel Thiruchelvan
Phill Beckett
Sam Rignall

Detail report you can find on website of Sheffield Nomads.

I played against Mike Newett, strong player at the moment rated 162 ECF. Soon after several opening moves we reached so-called Botvinnik setup in English Opening. White obtained nice control over d5-square and shortly after full control over the important diagonal c1-h6. After several exchanges in the center White emerged pawn up with a small positional advantage, however, the Black had to play carefully. He put everything on the king-side attack for the price of another pawn. White just exchanged off pieces and obtained strategically won position.

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