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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Grantham-1 Continues in Winning Streak.

Grantham-1 beat Nottingham University-1 after solid and convincing performance 4:1. There were three victories for Paul Cumbers, Claudio Mangione and Kevin McCarthy and two draws for Nigel Birtwistle and Nick Payne.

University Nottingham-1
1: 4

L. Wu (213)
½ : ½
N. Birtwistle (192)
P. Lam (196)
C. Mangione (192)
D. Lee (181)
P. Cumbers (190)
A. Walker (177)
½ : ½
N. Payne(184)
E. Nagijew (145)
K. McCarthy (170)

Paul Lam (196) played against Claudio Mangione (192) and after 14 moves was in terrible time trouble when he had consumed nearly all his available time and for next 21 moves only 10 minutes had left! No wonder that in such a time trouble he made several mistake! Claudio played nice game. He employed again solid Gurgenidze line in  Caro-Kann and his compact defence was difficult to break through. Lets have a look at this game in details. Annotations were provided by Claudio himself.

Paul Cumbers on the board 3 fought another interesting game. His opponent, Darren Lee, met his 1.d4 by the Slav Defence, which is one of the classic, the best and the most solid openings popularized in last two decades mainly by computer engines like Fritz. The Slav Defence is also very popular at the top level, among the "Super GM's" and it speaks volumes!
Lets have a look how Paul had managed to win with White pieces.

Nice games! Well done.

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