"Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you." - Arnold Palmer

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Grantham-2 Shocks Newark-1 !!!

2 - 3

Wells D (183)
0 - 1
David I (164)
Combie A (187)
½ - ½
Palmer T (153)
Myers R (158)
½ - ½
Mason B (145)
Ladds G (149)
1 - 0
Cumbers C (105)
Wollerton G (147)
0 - 1
Scarborough J (57E)

Grantham-2 surprised Newark-1 quite unpleasantly when won in tough match 3:2.
Newark, who was relegated from division 1 and has definitely the ambitions to be promoted back, put together the strongest possible team available at this moment. 
Grantham players were outgraded on all boards so it looked like it would be against all odds if  Grantham had any success. To make the matters worse, team captain and one of the solid pillars of the Grantham team - Chris Holt - could not play from unforeseeable reasons. Hence, Joe Scarborough, one of several talented juniors of Grantham Kings became a last minute substitute. And nobody would even dream that this lad becomes the hero of this match after he grabbed the full point from battle-harden old fox Grenville Wollerton who is rated nearly 100 point ECF higher!
Chris Cumbers was in very difficult position on the board 4. Paying with Black pieces it was not easy to face to Graham Ladds who is rated more than 50 points higher. 
Ben Mason after solid performance managed a draw. 
Trevor Palmer with Black pieces on board 2 fought like a hell. Playing against Alex Combie, in wild Dutch Defence both players launched attacks on the opposite wings and Trevor achieved nearly won position. However, he missed his chance and after some complications the game went into the rook ending. In time trouble, Trevor made serious, frankly speaking a losing mistake, however, Alex did not find the refutation and the position then became equal. Both players, running out of time as well as enthusiasm and energy, finally agreed a draw.
On top board, Daniel Wells won the pawn early in the opening, then he stepped up the pressure and finally he achieved strategically won position. However, the game ended up in the Rook, Knight and Pawns ending. Alas, Daniel did not find the right plan how to win this position and finally, after several weaker moves, his King was trapped into the mating web. He decided to sacrifice the Rook and tried to bamboozle me, however, shortly after being Rook down and running out time in lost position he decided to call it a day.  
Let's have look at this game. It is just another illustration of an old chess saying that the hardest thing is to win a won game.

 So it was a "bit shocking" turnover in the ending and now I want to present you the game on the board 2.

Now the game of our young hero Joe Scarborough.

 Board 4: Graham Ladds - Chris Cumbers

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