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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Chess Coaching: Who, Whom, What & How?

Recruitment of new chess players is one of the biggest problems of every chess club. Looking for new talents, bringing them up and foster their skill from a novice to a master is really difficult task. However, it will pay in the end. And there were some ideas coming from the British government that game of chess should be a part of school curriculum in UK. Well, it is very encouraging, however, very ambitious project.
No matter how difficult it is, former and nowadays legendary "Soviet School of Chess" can serve as a very good example what benefits can bring the systematic work with children and youngsters. So what should we teach them at which level of their skill and how? Got any idea?
If you have anything to say and contribute to this subject please visit the website of the Grantham Kings and joint the debate. Every opinion is welcome.

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