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Monday, 17 June 2013

8th Tal Memorial - Round 4

In the 4th round of Tal memorial Andreikin drew with Carlsen. A Symmetrical English was played where since the very beginning it was White who had some small edge. However, Carlsen simplified and blockaded position and despite he left with the "bad Bishop" there was no way how Andreikin could take any advantage of it.

Vishy Anand drew his game with Boris Gelfand. In Rossolimo Sicilian reigning world champion had perhaps some edge but nothing what would gave him a chance to win.

It was again Hikaru Nakamura with his uncompromising style who won another full point. Playing with Black against Fabiano Caruana, Nakamura chose the Najdorf Sicilian. On the chessboard we got the position where White was perhaps slightly better, but Black was able to generate sufficient counter-play. In very complex position everybody can go wrong.... And this is what happened to Fabiano Caruana.  

There were two other draws in the games Kramnik vs Morozevich, and Karjakin vs Mamedyarov, where both players achieved the rook and pawns ending where White had material advantage being pawn up and it was distant passed a-pawn. However, the activity of Black pieces was sufficient enough to keep White in the bay.

After round 4, the leader is Hikaru Nakamura with 3 points, chased by Mamedyarov and Gelfand, both with  points.

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