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Saturday, 15 June 2013

8th Tal memorial - Round 3

Third round of Tal memorial  started with two quick draws - in Mamedyarov vs Kramnik and Gelfand vs Andreikin.

Unbelievable Hikaru Nakamura won yesterday and he won today again which means he became the leader in  the tournament.
Facing to Nakamura, Karjaking chose the Grünfeld Defence, however, as Nakamura mentioned at the press conference, he perhaps was not quite familiar with the arising pawn structure. Nakamura stepped up the pressure but at certain moment he "lost the plot". But his position was nearly bulletproof. Very nice game.

Vishy Anand overplayed Alexander Morozevich.

Fabiano Caruana defeated Magnus Carlsen!
Playing with Black pieces Caruana. Their game reached the endgame Rook and Pawns vs. Rook and Pawns in which Black had a distant passed Pawn. However, commentators were convinced that activity of White pieces can help to keep the draw. Carlsen eventually decided to go for rook ending where Black had h-pawn, alas, Black managed to cut off White King on the 5th rank which led to theoretically known won position.
Caruana displayed excellent endgame technique!

Well, after Round 3 the leaderboard has 4 leaders - Mamedyarov, Gelfand, Caruana and Nakamura.
Tomorrow is day off so 4th round will be played on Monday 17th June.

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