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Friday, 14 June 2013

8th Tal Memorial - Round 2

8th Tal memorial continues by the Round 2. After some surprises which happened yesterday we can expect another round with fighting chess.
You can follow the live commentary from Moscow (in Russian language only) performed by the trinity of commentators - GM Peter Svidler, GM Sergey Shipov and Mark Glukhovsky.

Shipov, Svidler & Glukhovsky (from left to right)

The round was also interesting with fighting chess.
Dmitry Andreikin faced to Vishy Anand. Current world champion, playing with Black pieces, went for Semi-Slav set-up and grabbed several pawns. Russian GM's were of opinion that White had certain advantage, but if you put the game into the engines you will see that Anand defended his position masterly, on the top of that, Andreikin was  in severe time trouble. Game went on into Rook and Pawns ending and draw was quickly agreed.
In the second game, Magnus Carlsen who beat yesterday Vladimir Kramnik, played against Sergey Karjakin. Magnus build up the Berlin Wall and Karjakin had some space advantage but he did not find the way how destroy Carlsen's defence. Draw was agreed in equal position.

Boris Gelfand, playing with Black pieces, beat Italian Fabiano Caruana. Sicilian Najdorf was played and Caruana opted for the English Attack set-up. Gelfand castled kingside, Caruana castled queenside. Both players launched attacks on the opposite sides. The Black pieces were more active and White's position was cramped by Black past d-pawn which was placed on d3! 
Finally Black queen penetrated into White camp and the result of the game became obvious.

Alexander Morozevich is trying to explain where he lost his advantage

Alexander Morozevich obtain some edge in the Advance Caro-Kann, however, Manedyarov defended himself skillfully and not only did he equalize but he gained some advantage, which, on the other hand was tricky to turn to the victory. Draw was agreed before move 50. 

Vladimir Kramnik has got another day which is better to forget. Playing with White against Hikaru Nakamura he obtained very promising position but then something went wrong.  
Nakamura's "No nonsense approach" was again impressive.
Svidler and Shipov mentioned that he was not in good shape because otherwise this would never have happened... 
They just guessed that this game would finish last... and so that happened.

Vladimir Kramnik in difficult position...

Nakamura is explaining where where Kramnik should have played better...

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