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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The White Snow of Russia

This Russian film, for some unfortunately in Russian language, is dedicated to Alexander Alekhine. Despite that fact, the chess players can get a gist anyway....
Alekhine was a chess hero of several generations of chess players, he defected from his country, he might have been collaborating with Nazis.... Whatever. 
But no matter what he had done and why, he still remains in our hearts a fantastic World Chess Champion, who had influenced the game significantly, and he will never ever be forgotten.
The film begins with the sequence when Alexander Alekhine is waiting for Capablanca to play the adjourned game 34 of their match in Buenos Aires, 1927. Instead of Capablanca only a messenger came delivering a letter saying that "Capa" is giving up the game and congratulates to his opponent to the victory in the World Championship match.
Let me remind you this fascinating game which was adjourned in the rook and pawns ending when Alekhine was two pawns up, an "f" and "h" pawns.

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