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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Gambit-3 Has A Cracking Start in Nott's League, Division 2

When I recently spotted the result of first league match in Division 2, Gambit-2 vs Gambit-3 1½-3½, I was really surprised by this result. Two big zeros on the top boards of Gambit-2 looked ominously. A battle-harden old warrior Keith Roper beat Graeme Jennings and John Huthwaite beat John Tassi.
I have to confess I had a bad feeling last night when Grantham-2 went to Nottingham for a league match with Gambit-3.
And this time again it was again Keith Roper and John Huthwait who made the difference. They both gained full points and Grantham-2 just saved the day because of very good performance of Ben Mason, Chris Cumbers and Joe Scarborough. Very tight draw!

Roper KW
David I
Huthwaite JR
Hebert AR
Ali H
Mason B
Hopkinson GM
Cumbers C
Ensor R
Scarborough J

Keith played superb chess and he gained an opening advantage with Black pieces, he managed to simplify the position and kept a small advantage and finally won the pawn.
In complicated rook and pawns ending I got myself into time trouble and finally missed the best possible defence. Let's have look at the critical ending position:

Andy with Black pieces went rather wild when he chose a little bit adventurous opening. His King got stacked in the centre and his bit weakened pawn structure on the king-side did not look very appealing. But he had defended himself 
skilfully for a long time but eventually blundered.

Ben won the piece and the only problem was how to turn the advantage into the final victory when his flag was hanging. He cramped his opponent whose flag was hanging even more and finally, in completely lost position Ali Hamzah's flag dropped.

Chris Cumbers played very good and interesting game with Black pieces, not without mistakes but he won deservedly and against about 40 ECF points higher rated opponent!

Joe Scarborough managed the draw against much higher rated opponent. Let's have a look how.

Well played guys!

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