"Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you." - Arnold Palmer

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Grantham-2 vs University Nottingham-1 2½:2½

Last night, Grantham-2 drew after solid performance with University Nottingham-1 team. 
The Nottingham University team is strong team and you never know till the last moment how strong team the can line-up. 
Nottingham University Team played last year in Division 1 and they were relegated so obviously it is an experienced team.

University Nottingham-1
David I
Lee D
Hebert A
Byrne J
Palmer T
Nagijev E
Mason B
Kofi-Ofuafor O
Scarborough J
Robinson A

On the top board I faced to an experienced player with the same rating as I have. Darren Lee played 1.d4 and I wanted to get him out of beaten track soon. So finally it looked as if I were happy to play King's Indian Defence, however, playing 8...Bxc3N got the game out of books completely. In interesting complicated blocked position neither me nor Darren found the way how to outplay the opponent and our game finished by a fair result - a draw.

Trevor Palmer faced to Eldar Nagiev with black pieces and nobody who had watched the game would say that Trevor played "careful" chess. He threw his pawns into the battle right from the outset and finally he sacrificed an exchange. In a tense battle both players eventually agreed a draw.

"Andy Hebert decided to play speed chess by arriving 29 minutes late (there is a 30 minute limit in the league) due to work commitments late but then bamboozled poor Mr Byrne with a sacrificial opening that really should not have worked. Andy's opponent failed to find the best counters and succumbed to the onslaught." - This is the way how the situation described our club secretary Chris Holt on the Club website. You can make your opinion.

Chris Holt's view of this match you can find on the website of the Grantham Chess Club.

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