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Friday, 21 September 2012

Mansfield-1 vs Grantham-1 2:3. Good Kick Off For Reigning Champion.

The Nottinghamshire League has started last night and reigning champion, Grantham-1, went to Mansfield for it's first league match in the Division 1.

Tait JA
Cumbers P
Burnett J
Mangione C
Morrisons K
Birtwistle N
Cantrill C
David I
Wagenbach J
McCarthy K

Match started by quick draw which was agreed on the board 3 between Nigel Birtwistle and Ken Morrison.

Then, on the board 4, I took the liberty to score my first full league point in this season against Chris Cantrill. A Classical Line of Fianchetto variation of King's Indian Defence was played and after some manoeuvring and "watch and wait approach" White decided to roll the "Phalanx" of central pawns upon the black's position. The safety of his King was compromised a bit and in this situation Chris made rather casual move which turned to be a losing mistake. All of sudden, "out of blue sky", Black hit tactically and gained a decisive advantage.

Another King's Indian Defence, another Fianchetto Variation (Panno Variation) was played on the board 2, where Claudio Mangione (193), reigning Lincolnshire Chess Champion, faced to higher rated Jim Burnett (200). Funnily enough, both players just copied the line which they had already played during their previous match in last season. Claudio was better prepared theoretically this time and played in great style. He scored second full point for Grantham-1.

Kevin McCarthy (167) played solidly and he finally agreed a draw in much better position. Some of us believed that he could have played even for a win. However, Kevin made a very pragmatic decision knowing well that the draw would decide the match.

An interesting game was played on the top board. 
Paul Cumbers (196) achieved a promising position with very good prospect, alas, he dropped into severe time trouble and eventually lost on time. However, this result could not have any impact on the final Grantham's victory.

Grantham team won after very good team performance and interestingly enough both full points were won by Black pieces!

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