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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lincolnshire Chess League U155 Starts. Grantham Beat Louth Convincingly

Another season of club chess has started and new year of Lincolnshire League U155 has begun. Grantham team won last night when in home match overplayed the team of Louth 3:1.
A convincing victory is a good start into new season.

Mason B
Ayton C
Wollerton G
Bierbeck F
Grummitt W
Grasham J
Claxton T
Wardlaw A

Ben Mason on the top board won after very solid performance in rather complicated game in the Scotch Game which by move transposition ended up in Giuoco Piano. In a complex middlegame position his opponent, Charles Ayton, decided to sacrifice a piece which seemed to be rather unsound. Eventually, the game was transposed into the ending where Black had two passed pawns on the kingside, however, White has got more than dangerous-looking passed pawn on the e-file and in the end of the day it was this pawn which decided the game.

The "Old-hand", Grenville Wollerton playing with black pieces, opted for Sicilian Defence and he surprised his opponent by rather unusual continuation leading to the sharp play. Knocked off balance, Francis Bierbeck made several mistakes and he threw in the towel in 14 moves.

Will Grummitt had good looking position in the Giuoco Piano, however, he made a mistake, lost a piece and then he tried to do wonders in the rook and pawn ending when his opponent was piece up. John Grasham is a player experienced enough not to let him get off the hook.

Solidly playing Tom Claxton expertly simplified position, all of sudden he won a rook and then he did not give a chance to his opponent. Very good performance even if we have to confess that his opponent, Adam Wardlow, helped him  a bit as you can see below.

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