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Sunday, 3 June 2012

London Gatwick, e2e4 Diamond Jubilee Tournament Has Started

e2e4 Chess
e2e4 Chess tournaments organized by Sean Hewitt have gained very good reputation. ChessBase recently published on its website an article written by British Chess publicist Steve Giddings about these tournaments and you can read it here.

The tournament tour, which started at Brighton International in February this year, continues these days in Gatwick from June 2 to 6, in Crown Plaza Hotel.
Tournament is played in several sections - Premier, Challenger and Major.

In Premier section you find five top seeded Grandmasters - Vovk Andrey, Vovk Yuri and Sumets Andrey from Ukraine, Mark Hebden from England and Igor Rausis from Czech Republic. There are also four International Masters, Simon Williams and Graeme Buckley from England, Sam Collins from Ireland and Gediminas Sarakauskas from Lithuania. Three Federation Masters - James Cobb (Wales), Peter Sowray (England) and Barry Neil (Scotland) - close the row of titled chess players.

For chess fans, there is a fantastic improvement, and they can follow top nine games on-line here.

If you are interested in the games not only in premier section you can download the game on this link.

Good for chess is that in the Premier section play lot of youngsters and they are doing remarkably well.
Akshaya Kalaiyalahan
I have already mentioned on this site the name Akshaya Kalaiyalahan, a 12-year-old girl with very mature opening repertoire and refreshing fighting spirit. This time I want to show you her game from the first round of Premier section. Her unfortunate opponent is rated some 300 FIDE points higher! And this is the danger of e2e4 tournaments. Nothing is for sure because you can meet some fast improving youngster like this girl is. Just watch how nicely she managed problem of opposite-flanks-attack.

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