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Monday, 11 June 2012

The "Boring" Exchange Slav...

GM Andrey Sumets
In the Round 7 of Gatwick Jubilee Tournament GM Mark Hebden from UK and GM Andrey Sumets from Ukraine were paired. The later eventually won this tournament gaining 7.5/9 points. 
Andrey Sumets (Black) played Slav Defence, GM Hebden chose the Exchange Variation which leads to a little bit "boring" symmetrical positions and therefore also has a drawish reputation.
Mark Hebden came up with a novelty in move 13. Then the game became everything but not a "boring Exchange Slav".
I can just speculate whether both players were in time trouble or not but the fate of the game was decided around move 40 and the position was very complicated.

So what do you say? Was it a "boring" stuff?

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