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Monday, 4 June 2012

Meeting The "c3-Sicilian" with 2...d5

I don't know what you think about c3-Sicilian, but for Black it can be quite annoying to play against this line. Quite sharp can be the line with 2...d5 when Black follows by fianchettoing of his dark-squared Bishop. Slovak GM Ftáčník concludes in his book on Sicilian that this line "is not without the risk". Funnily enough, ECO classification class the positions arising under "Modern Defence" - B06.
In the 4th round of e2e4 Gatwick Diamond Jubilee Premier GM Igor Rausis employed this set-up against Alexander Longson.
In very interesting battle Rausis was in the ending an exchange up; however, finally let Longson off the hook!

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