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Friday, 23 March 2012

Just some info out of County....

It was an interesting match and I had the pleasure to take part in. Details of that match you can find under the link above. There was interesting game played on top board which ended up in theoretically know position which just justify the known fact that "all rook endings are drawish".

Cooper JG -  Hankinson M, 2012

White is to move and has massive material advantage of two pawns. Despite that he is not able to turn such an advantage into a victory. This is what happened in the game Cooper vs Hankinson which decided that Sheffield B lost to Hull DCA.
White to move played 1.g6 threatening the mate however, Black has an easy equalizer 1...Rxg6 and the game is over. White cannot take the Rook because of stalemate and White is not able to force victory being h-pawn up.

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