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Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year's Eve 2011

It is very common that the last day of year the people want to be funny, merry, and happy. It is also common to tell the stories that never been heard or to remember some "funny" moments which have happened.
Chess is a serious game so what can be so much funny?
I decided to bring some funny moments when former World Champions won the games in less than 20 moves. I hope you will enjoy and we will start with the game of present World Champion Vishy Anand. And the victim was nobody weak - the former Word Champion Vladimir Kramnik!!!!

Our next hero will be another Chess World Champion Garry Kimovich Kasparov, who destroyed his opponent, funnily enough Vishy Anand, in 17 moves!!!! Truth is that this game was played in 1992 so Vishy was not yet that "Vishy The Big" as we all know him nowadays.
Anatoly Karpov checkmated Veselin Topalov in 20 moves! Could you believe it?

Robert James Fischer had no mercy with one of the best players of 60's and 70's and so Danish chess grandmaster Bent Larsen was forced to resign in 19 moves!

Hope you have enjoyed!

Good luck and plenty of very good games in 2012 !!!!

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