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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The King, Knight and Pawn against the King and Bishop

Knight and Pawn against Bishop are complicated endings having quite so often a drawish character.
Today I would like to bring you several studies when the King, Knight and Pawn wins over the King and Bishop. In all diagrams is White to move.

Halberstadt V, Československý šach, 1930

Košek V, La Strategie, 1923

Košek V, Československý Šach, 1932

Roikfort,J, Die Schwalbe, 1975


Holbergstadt, V 
Československy Šach, 1930

1.Nc6! [1.Na6? Ba7 2.Nb4 Bb8 3.Nc6 Bd6=] 1...Bc7 2.Nd8! Bb8 [2...Bh2 3.Kf5 Kf8 4.Ne6+ Ke8 5.Nf4+-] 3.Kf5 Kf8 4.Nc6! [4.Ke6? Ke8 5.Nc6 Bc7=] 4...Bc7 5.Kf6! Ke8 6.Ke6 Kf8 7.Kd7 Bh2 8.Nb4 Bb8 9.Kc8 Be5 10.Nd5 Bg3 11.Nc7 1-0

La Strategie, 1923

1.Nf5! [1.Ng6? Ba8 2.Ne5+ Kb5!=;
1.Nf3? Bc8=] 1...Ba8 2.Nd4+ Kc5 3.Ne6+ Kc6 4.Nc7 Bb7 5.Nd5! Kxd5 [5...Ba6 6.Nb4++-] 6.Kxb7 1-0

Československy Šach, 1932

1.Ne5! [1.Nc5? Bh3=;
1.Nb4? Kd7 2.Nd3 Kc6 3.Ka7 Kb5 4.Ne5 Kc5 5.Nf7 Kc6 6.Nd8+ Kd6=] 1...Ba6 [1...Bh3 2.Nc6+ Kd7 3.b7 Bg2 (3...Kxc6 4.Ka7) 4.Ka7+-] 2.Ka7 Bc8 3.Ka8! Ba6 [3...Ke8 4.Kb8 Kd8 5.Nc6+ Kd7 6.Ne7 Ba6 7.Ka7+-] 4.Kb8 Bc8 5.Nf7+ Kd7 6.Nd6 Ba6 7.Ka7 1-0

Die Schwalbe, 1975

1.Kh7! [1.g7? Kh6 2.g8Q Bf6+=] 1...Kf6 [1...Kf5 2.g7] 2.g7 1-0

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