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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Andersson - Karpov, Nykopping Rapid, 1995

It is not very often to see a Chess World Champion to give up a game in 18 moves, even though it was a rapid tournament. Even more surprised you can be when you hear that it happened to Anatoly Karpov! Finally, a complete shocker is the fact that the guy who beat Anatoly Karpov in 18 moves was not a player with attacking style like Tal or Shirov but strictly positional player Ulf Andersson famous for his technical style with long-lasting endings where he can show his mastery.
For Karpov it was probably one of those days which is better to forget. Let's have a look what happened. Game is annotated by Alexander Baburin, the opening analysis was done by ChessBase 11.

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