"Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you." - Arnold Palmer

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lincolnshire beat Greater Manchester 10:6

"Per aspera ad astra" - Latin proverb
 Friday evening everything looked rather good for Lincolnshire which was already two points up because of two defaults. In reality, match against Greater Manchester played on Saturday afternoon in Sheffield was tougher then the result indicates.

Team Captains in friendly chat
On the board 10 I faced to Kamran Ahmadi
Having Black pieces I met his 1.d4 with 1...d5 and we went on into the Slav Defence. I chose the Chebanenko line with 4...a6
After several complications in the centre of the chess board we finally exchanged all heavy pieces and the game continued into the seemingly "boring" ending - King, Knight & Pawns against King, "bad" Bishop & Pawns. My opponent is really tough player to beat and he had defended his position very well for long time ...
I think this is enough and now look at the game in details.

I really enjoyed this game even if one could say it was just a boring technical ending where White finally made a fatal mistake. Well, it is truth. But this is just a matter of taste. Not everybody is a natural born attacker like Tal or Shirov. Some of us prefer more technical style of players like Ulf Andersson for instance. And when the points for team are concerned then there is no difference if they are achieved in the firework of Shirov or "boring" stuff of Smyslov. A point is simply a point.

Geoff Collyer in preparation for the match
Keith Palmer in "full swing"

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