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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pandora's Box Grantham Presents: IM Colin Crouch

IM Colin Crouch
International Master Dr Colin Crouch is a tremendously experienced tournament player and a highly regarded chess writer. His books have received great acclaim for their thoroughness and originality.We can name some of the for instance "Modern Chess: Move by Move: A Step-by-step Guide to Brilliant Chess ", "Why We Lose at Chess" and "Analyse your chess"
He played last weekend for Pandora's Box on top board and he won both games.  

Following game of IM Crouch is from the match Pandora's Box vers Barbican Youth played last weekend. The Tarrasch Variation of French Defence,  was played and if I understand well what was going on in the game, then both players were in terrible time trouble and finally Black lost on time. Otherwise is very difficult to explain certain moments and moves on the chess board.
However, time is very important part of the game of chess so I hope you will appreciate the fighting spirit of both players till the last move and till the terminal breath!

Other games of IM Colin Crouch you can find on server www.chessgames.com.

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