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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Grantham clowns 1 and 2

Colin Crouch has recently published on Google+ his comments on the merge of Pandora Box Grantham and Sambuca Sharks under headline "Grantham clowns 1 and 2" which you can read in full below:

"It is at the moment far from clear what is happening in two of the teams in division 1 of the 4NCL chess league. These happen to be Grantham Sharks 1 and Grantham Sharks 2. As the names imply, there was a sudden cut-and-paste between two pre-existing teams. There is the additional implication that the two team captains feel that they will be unable to hold a position in division 1, and that possibly they can just about salvage something if they join forces.
But then what happens with their second team? Quite simply, their team will be vastly weakened, all the more so in that various players, including myself, who are capable of holding their own in the top division have been kicked out. And why would this have happened? The answer is not immediately obvious, until one notes the Sharks second second team was dropped for the new season, and that captain Ben Purton, rated well below 2200, would not be strong enough on merit to justify a place on team. Watch out for an easy demotion.
Meanwhile, I am suddenly looking for a division 1 teams, as does Chris Ross, Britain's leading blind player."


  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Firstly the idea was to have two teams but one in division 1 and one in division 2. But after the merger we got our 2nd team put back in to division 1.

    But secondly and mainly. The team we wanted to create was one which knows how to have a good time, gets on with one another. It has nothing to do with chess strength whatsoever. The second team is very likely to go down. But we will have a good time doing it.

    To quote Batman "Why so serious??"

    Also for this website, we have had a logo designed professionally for the side and another website. Would be nice to link the two websites.



  2. Thank you very much for your comment. The address of the above mentioned website is http://benyaminjosephpurton.wix.com/sharks4ncl and logo is really very nice.

  3. Frankly the reaction from the 2 players in question proves that the decision not to register them this year was correct. Myself and Ben know what we want from this season and it certainly didn't include freeloaders with limited social skills who seem to believe that turning up and playing chess is ALL that matters. Banter, Beer, Curry, Blitz, Buca and more banter are equally important ;-)

  4. 'Like' the above.