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Sunday, 14 July 2013

FIDE Grand Prix - Beijing 2013 - Round 9

Round 9 started rather quick victory for Shakhriyar Mamedyarov who beat Anish Giri in less than 30 moves. Grünfeld Indian Defence has been played and Mamedyarov played in a bit romantic style when he sac his Queen for Rook, Bishop, Knight & Pawn initially but later he re-sac his exchange which made the ratio Queen for three light pieces and pawn. This is material enough, but on the top of that, Giri's King was extremely unsafe and vulnerable so the result was indisputable. Really nice game indeed. 

In the next game, Vassily Ivanchuk drew with Peter Leko. Nimzo Indian Defence was played and both player reached the ending Rook and pawns against Rook and Pawns, where all pawns were on the King-side.

Gata Kamsky is one the world GM's who really likes the London System. Hardly believe that this guy does this because of the poor knowledge of the other opening systems. This time he tested this opening against Sergey Karjakin.

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