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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

FIDE Grand Prix - Beijing 2013 - Round 5

In the round 5 of the Beijing Tournament there were couple of interesting wins. Vassily Ivanchuk finally scored full point against home player Wang Yue. Ivanchuk, playing White, from the first sight denies the basic rule of chess - "Keep your King safe!" Or maybe just for us, mortals, it looks like that. Obviously Ivanchuk knew very well what he was doing! Launching pawn storm on the Kingside, his King gets stuck in the centre, eventually he gets two minor pieces for four pawns, well, rather interesting game in the style which is not everybody's cup of tea.
Anish Giri has had no mercy with Gata Kamsky. Giri playing Black had to face the Moscow Variation of Sicilian Defence, which is just another way how to get bored you opponent and avoid the main lines of Open Sicilian. Quickly the game reach its tabiya - Maroczy Bind looking like position without light-squared Bishops on both sides. Giri delivered the typical central thrust with ...d5, Kamsky tried to push the pawns on the Queenside hoping for something tangible, however, when the gunsmoke disappeared Kamsky remained two pawns down and game was over.
Alexander Grischuk played White against Shakhriyar Mamedyarov and this is the game for lovers of English Opening, especially the reversed-colour Sicilian. Grischuk piled up his heavy pieces along the c-file and he chose for "watch-&-wait" approach. Both players repeated the moves several times then Mamedyarov started an operation on the Kingside with ...g5. Centre was block by couple of e4 and e5 pawns so blow in centre was impossible, however, Grischuk took the inspiration from Dragon line of Sicilian and sacrificed an exchange on c6, initially for Knight and pawn and small edge, say perhaps "+/=". A breakthrough came up about the time control and when White rook penetrated on a5 White has got an indisputable advantage. 
There were two fighting draws in the games Wang Hao vs Topalov and Gelfand vs Karjakin.

Table/Starting rank after Round 5

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