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Monday, 1 April 2013

Magnus Carlsen is Challenger of Vishy Anand: Ivanchuk Beat Both Top Guys

Last round of the London Candidates 2013 was very tense. There were only two players who could win this tournament and hence to become a challenger of Vishy Anand.

Gustaffson's Marshall
Magnus Carlsen played with White pieces against Peter Svidler. And Peter Svidler with Black managed to win! Ruy Lopez with 6.d3 was played which perhaps becomes the main line. The reason is that the majority of the White players fear of the Marshall Gambit - heavily studied by GM Michael Adams and recently analysed by Jan Gustaffson and published as a DVD by ChessBase - where nowadays White can hardly claim any advantage! Game was tremendously complicated, but Svidler was up to the challenge. Carlsen was in time trouble but he manage to make the time control but his position was lost.

In the second top game of the day, the unpredictable Vassily Ivanchuk outplayed Vladimir Kramnik and won. 

Kramnik was forced to play for win because only victory was giving him certain chance on condition that Svidler would beat Carlsen. So it dictated the opening strategy. He opted for Pirc Defence, perhaps the big surprise for everybody, and he tried to complicate the things. However, Ivanchuk was up to the task and played very carefully and rather fast. Kramnik's risky play put him into very difficult position and he finally lost.
The biggest surprise is that both leaders lost!

This means that Magnus Carlsen, 22-year-old Norwegian, is the challenger of Vishy Anand who will be playing against in the end of this year.

All games of the round 14 are available below:

The guest commentator was among the others GM Gennadi Sosonko 

Standings after round 14
Carlsen Magnus
Kramnik Vladimir
Aronian Levon
Svidler Peter
Gelfand Boris
Grischuk Alexander
Ivanchuk Vassily
Radjabov Teimour

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