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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Grantham-1 Continue to Score Well

Last night, Grantham-1 team travelled to Bramcote Memorial Hall to fight in another league round against ambitious team of West Nottingham-1
And if anything can go wrong it will.... my favourite catch phrase describes precisely what had happened.
The match should have kicked off at 7:30 p.m. but I had got stacked in the operating theatres, a little fly in the ointment creating a big question mark hanging over my participation in this match. 
Claudio Mangione, who should have given lift to Nick Payne and me was on his way from Lincoln.
I just informed our Team Captain, Nigel Birtwistle, texting him that situation was out of my control and going a little bit pear shaped.
Leaving the hospital at ten to seven p.m. I was driving like mad to catch up the start of the match. Trust me, it was not very nice ride, especially when I was block by some trucks....
When I came to Bramcote I noticed that the Grantham team had consisted of three players so far; Nigel himself, Steve Prior, who had come with him, and me. Two other lads were still on the way. I made my first move and in ten minutes time Claudio Mangione and Nick Payne had arrived. The team was finally together. And after this nerve-racking overture a show could have started. And it was jolly good show, trust me.

West Nottingham-1
Levens D
Mangione C
Kingston I
Birtwistle N
Kenyon M
Payne N
Collins J
Prior S
Kenyon A
David I

Let's have a look at the games played that night:

Board #1: Levens D vs Mangione C

Board #2: Kingston I vs Birtwistle N

Board #3: Kenyon M vs Payne N

I have the copy of score sheet, however, I failed to decipher the handwriting. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Board #4: Collins J vs Prior S

Board #5: Kenyon A vs David I 

This convincing victory keeps the Grantham 1 team on the top of the league table.

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